UNCUT Video Pages Review

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Building good landing pages for FB traffic has always been hard … no kidding : if it was super easy, everyone would be doing it.But there’s one element which I know you’ve seen, but you might not appreciate just how much difference it makes.

A friend of mine tried a simple split-test, and I’ve since got similar results myself.it’s permanently changed my approach to building landing pages.Here’s what he did : he tested variation A (with video) and variation B (without video).

The split page that had variation A had 3.5 times greater conversions than variation B!How did he do it? Creating a good video landing page usually means hiring a programmer and a designer …. that means more expense,but he didn’t have to do that … in fact, he did it all by himself with video pages :

Video pages is a revolutionary new software will wnable you to build gorgeous gigh-convering landing pages easily using their patented drag-and-drop editor. skyrocket your profits using the software’s amazing customization power where you can also create professional sales pages, squeeze sages, webinar registration pages, and much more!!


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