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What is content curation?Content curation is about discovering appropriate content and sharing it in a significant method. If you do a weekly roundup post, do not simply list post titles and links, instead add the reason why each post is fascinating.

Why marketers ought to care about curating content?Content curation builds up an online marketer’s authority. If your audience trusts you because you consistently share excellent content, when you share your own product, they’re more likely to engage.On the other side, if you share unimportant or regularly bad content from other sources, people will not be as interested when you share your own short articles.

Right here are 6 exceptional ideas to assist you successfully curate content:

1. Leverage your existing content

You may have a mass of great content that you’ve released in a range of places if you’re already included with content marketing. Sift through it to feature particular pieces in your curated list. If the list goes viral and a great deal of your content is featured, your company will bring in that much more interest and be viewed as a real idea leader.

2. Include a range of content types

Include a selection of content types, such as infographics, images, videos, articles, guides, e-books, and podcasts. Many individuals right away consider posts or written content when it pertains to curation, however limiting yourself is an error. There is a great deal of extremely important content out there that can be found in a variety of types. And curating various types makes it more interesting for your readers. Bear in mind that visual content is specifically effective. We know, for instance, that articles with images get 94 % more views.

3. Use content from a variety of sources/platforms

Terrific content can originate from anywhere, including social media sites websites. When finding good content to curate, keep in mind that often those “golden nuggets” can come from locations you generally may not think of, like a Pinterest board, an email, a survey, a Google Plus page, or a webinar.

4. Add your voice

This is a good example to curated content with no commentary. Add value to exactly what you’re sharing by supplementing the curated pieces with your own voice. Go over why the content you’re sharing is appropriate to your audience and key takeaways you’ve gleaned from it.

5. Make use of the right tools to enhance the process

Without the right tools, I’ve seen marketing professionals invest weeks curating content when they might have finished the job in a a lot easier and more effective way. Use BuzzSumo to obtain a sense for the popular content out there in regards to social media sites shares. BuzzSumo is a terrific tool for getting excellent curation ideas and discovering outstanding, high value short articles that your readers would take pleasure in. Use Feedly to organize great websites to pull content from and swiftly sort through these sites in one location.

Curation Hero

6. Track clicks.

Produce customized URLs making use of Google URL builder that link to the content you’re sharing. Use Google Analytics to view how lots of clicks each shared piece of content received.

If you’re already included with content advertising, you might have a mass of terrific content that you’ve published in a range of places. Talk about why the content you’re sharing is pertinent to your audience and key takeaways you’ve obtained from it.

Neil Napier will release on April 09, 2015 a new wordpress plugin that will curates content such as articles, news, gifs, amazon products, videos from youtube and posts them to your blog, fan page, twitter & other social media platforms.You can read more details in our curation hero review article.


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