Viral Video Stores Review And Demo

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Viral Video Stores Review, creation of Neil Napier, is a powerful store creator app that allows you to create Amazon Affiliate Stores with built-in viral sharing and reward system like never seen before. Viral Video Stores Review –

Viral Video Stores Features :

1. Create New Campaigns Or Clone Existing Ones – You can start from scratch to create a new store, add products under different categories and later clone the same store to create a new one and make a chain of stores. Get recurring income WHILE YOU SLEEP. All done with just a few clicks.

2. Add a Video from YouTube for your listed products – You can easily find videos on YouTube for almost all the products. Nothing sells better than VIDEO.. .place these videos right next to the listed product, so customers can visualize the product and be more certain about the purchase.

3.Autoresponder Integration – It is true – Money IS in the list indeed. Viral Video Stores integrates with all major Autoresponders, so you can keep in touch with all your customers, and mail them whenever you add a great new offer. Keep in touch -and keep making more money.

4. Export Subscriber List as CSV – All information regarding subscriptions are exported easily in CSV format. So you can quickly insert these leads in an auto responder of your choice!

5. Add products by keyword search – Make shopping on your store a convenient process for your customers by adding this feature, so that they find the products that they are looking for without having to take the pains to search through your entire product line.

Viral Video Stores

6. Set up rewards – With this feature, you can allot points to people who spread the word around about your store on Facebook and Twitter, thereby making it go Viral. They can later redeem these points for getting discounts on their purchases at your store or get some of the products free of cost.

7. Personalize your store – Add a logo, change the name to whatever you like or edit product info to your liking. This feature offers you complete freedom to give your store a unique personal touch.

8. Add product by a link – If there is a product that you want on your store, may be because it is in demand, just provide a link and get the product added straight to your store.

9. Ready made Compliance pages – You don’t need to worry with technicalities like ‘Terms and Conditions” and “Refund policies” etc. We have it all covered for you here. So just start up your store and be on the way to your bank smiling.

10. Analytics – This brings those really unaffordable Management Gurus at your service. Here you can analyze the traffic being driven from two most widely visited social platforms to your stores Facebook and Twitter. Now compare the data and devise an informed future strategy to pursue.


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