Keyword Research Software – Long Tail Pro 3.0 Review

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We’ve found Long Tail Pro 3.0 to be the most effective keyword tool at delivering the golden nugget keywords we need to continue to build out our sites for profit. We strongly encourage you to pick up this tool today.

Read more about Long Tail Pro 3.0 here –

Here are some features of Long Tail Pro 3.0 :

  • Deeper Results : Long Tail Pro can now search deeper and faster than ever before, returning literally thousands of keywords in a matter of seconds!
  • Brand New User-Interface : With a new look and feel, comes a brand new user experience that makes navigating the application super easy.
  • Real-Time Filtering : Now you can filter your results in real-time, making it super quick and easier to segment the results into the type of keywords you are targeting.
  • 1-Click Competitor Analysis : Now you can analyze any keyword in your list, directly from the research tab. Just right click and “analyze” to see grab vital competitor analysis data.
  • Exact Match Domain Check : Quickly see if an exact match domain is available for the keyword/phrase you are targeting.
  • Confidence Score : Using Long Tail Pro’s private algorithm that has been perfected over the past 4 years, you can see how easy or hard it will be to rank for any keyword or phrase.
  • Rank Checker : With a built-in rank checker, you can keep track of your progress by monitoring your rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing – fully automated.

Long Tail Pro 3.0 Review


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