What Is Video Bookmarker?

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SEO has always been about the backlinks. You can talk about tags and meta-data all you like… but if you’ve got enough backlinks pointing to your video, your video gets ranked. And Video Bookmarker can build you HUNDREDS of backlinks.

Sure, it’s like using a steamroller to crack a peanut but that peanut DEFINITELY gets cracked. But look, this isn’t about getting a piece of linking software … this is about owning a linking ENGINE.

Video Bookmarker allows you to upload your own site lists. So if you find more sites good for link building, you can use them too. Video Bookmarker will check to make sure they’re compatible, and then add them to the database and you’ll get a 500-strong database to start you off, as well!

Which means Video Bookmarker is going to keep you ranking a LONG time into the future. One investment here, and you could have top rankings for life.


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