Azon Rocket 3.0 Plugin Video Review

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Azon Rocket 3.0 is a new revolutionary and improved plugin that takes you from newbie to Amazon super affiliate with just a few clicks …. no tech skills needed! Amazon is America’s most trusted online retailer. “According to a recently conducted research Amazon ranks at No.1 for relevance to consumers. Their total 2014 revenue was over $88 Billion.

Amazon is a haven for affiliate marketers because it has a wide range of products to promote plus amazon products are known to convert like crazy so as an affiliate you can earn as much as up to 15% commission promoting products.

It’s time to get a piece of the 88 Billion pie! Azon Rocket 3.0 allows you to :

  • Setup amazon affiliate id, API and country to make commission
  • Auto change categories based on Amazon country.
  • Search & Add Videos
  • Get product reviews (reviewer name, title and description) and can be added to content builder just by clicking “add” button
  • Content spinner using built-in spinner
  • And so much more.

azon rocket 3.0

What’s also great & unique about this plugin is that you can know before hand how much commissions you will make for each product that you promote no other plugin does this.


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