Ecover Maniac V2 By Lucas Adamski

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Did you ever wonder why some authors make thousands of book sales, while others constantly struggle? Let me ask you this: did you ever judge a book by its cover? Many case studies have proven, over and over again,that a professional book cover increases sales.

It takes literally seconds for your prospect to judge your book by how your cover looks! If you have an amateurish-looking book or ebook cover it can ABSOLUTELY KILL YOUR SALES! Lucas Adamski just launched a brand-new pack called Ecover Maniac V2 that features 80 premium quality book cover templates for fiction and nonfiction. All compatible with Amazon Kindle.

The cover templates incorporate design fundamentals of the bestselling books on Amazon giving you an extra edge over your competitors. All of these beautiful covers are easily customizable in Microsoft Powerpoint or Open Office and no Photoshop is required.

Now you can create your very own, hot-selling book cover in 5 minutes or lessÉ with no design skills or technical skills required! But hurry up! Grab your copy TODAY and secure a “launch special” pricing!


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