Webinar X Software Review

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We all know Google LOVES ranking videos. As long as you do it right, getting #1 rankings with your videos is EASY. BUT – competition is building up here too and soon enough (it started already) getting organic Google traffic will be harder than ever. UNLESS – you move on to the next untapped money making stream.

Listen – this is as good as the early days of video marketing – most people didn’t pay attention to it – and look how big video marketing is now. So if you want to really increase your rankings, traffic and revenue, it’s time
to do one new thing : Google Hangouts.

That’s right, and with today’s Webinar X Software, you can run full hangouts with the push of a button. It’s video marketing one step further. Hangouts rank like crazy right now. Plus, it’s Google’s OWN service – so it’s here to stay.

Here’s what you can do with Webinar X :

  • build 100% fully SEO optimized pages & hangouts
  • run live webinars with unlimited attendees
  • monetize your audience (webinar revenue is 5x that of traditional banner ads)
  • build your list

Webinar X Review


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