Shopified App Video Review

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You’ve been trying to Successfully Run a Shopify drop shipping business, and I’d be willing to bet you’ve tried a million different solutions that have blown up in your face – I only know this because before I was able to click once and add products from Aliexpress to my Shopify store in seconds, I experienced the same rollercoaster.

In order to Successfully Run a Shopify drop shipping business :

  1. You’ve spent countless hours loading dozens of products into your store which just resulted in hours and hours of copying and pasting and trying to download dozens of images for each product variant/style.
  2. You’ve tried to find items that will ship in a reasonable time which led to hours and hours of clicking through each product search results trying to find products offer “ePacket” shipping.
  3. You’ve tried to find the best products for your niche which just ended in setting up complicated spreadsheets filled with product links, titles of products, vendors, and unclear notes.

I know you’ve suddenly been hearing quite a lot from me again, but because I’ve been right where you are now, and know how frustrating it all is… I want to push you past this hump.

Shopified App


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