PressLabel WordPress Plugin Overview And Demo

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Are you an internet marketer who really wants to sell services to local businesses? Are you facing hard luck? The problem is that while most of us have the skills needed to sell but we don’t actually have a good product worthy of selling well!!! Have you too searched high and low, near and far for such a product?

Web Development tycoon Yassir Ennazk has crafted a masterpiece, which will take the world’s most sought after web platform and remould it completely so you can market it as your own! Press Label is an incredible WordPress plugin which makes WordPress your own and gives you all the functionality of this great system under the banner of your own brand!

This is how PressLabel operates :

  1. It completely optimizes WordPress backend for you
  2. It allows you to customize the Dashboard
  3. Displays your branding all over WP-admin

And that’s not all, here’s what else it offers :

  • Brain Dead Simple Custom Navigation
  • Login Page With Personalized Branding
  • Exclusive Colour Schemes To Create Your Own Designs
  • Assigned Admin Roles (At Great Discretion)
  • Ability to Save & Export WP Setup

Press Label



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