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Social media’s a beautiful thing. Billions of users online every single day. Imagine tapping into just a percentage of them and directing them to YOUR offers. Without paying for ads, writing boatloads of content, posting on blogs or forums.

Cloud­based software literally monetizes social media for you. Just create a post inside the dash, link to your offer, then sit back. It will share your posts across ALL the top social networks for floods of targeted visitors. All at no cost to you. Months in development. Compliant with all networks.

There’s never been an easier, faster or completely zero cost way to drive visitors to your offers. PinDrill is the 1st of its kind to monetize your social media accounts for you. Here’s a summary of what it does and how:

  1. the software scrapes your existing blogs, sites or eCom stores, then creates engaging image style posts out of every article or product
  2. works with WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Etsy, Tumblr & Blogger
  3. even if you DON’T have a blog or store, you can create posts from inside the dash to promote affiliate or CPA offers
  4. then it spreads your ‘rich pin’ style posts across ALL your social media networks ­ including FB, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Instagram
  5. publish posts immediately or schedule them to drip feed content and this brings floods of fresh, targeted traffic straight to your offers

PinDrill Review


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