Schema Ninja Review | Schema Ninja Bonus And Demo

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Have you really tried every trick in the SEO books? Then, congratulations on getting your schema marked up. Oww! Haven’t heard much about schema? I don’t blame you because the scenario is similar for over two-thirds of the online population.

It is the same option that allows advanced websites to display rich search features like the field of operation, working hour, relevant news, events, and even a schema rating. ou might already have come across some of them on Google.

For tapping into this state-of-the-art technology, you have got to enable the schema coding and further get them reviewed. This is where SchemaNinja kicks in. A schema is actually an HTML markup, embedded in the page, that carries self-explaining information for a search engine. To display the level of your website’s compatibility with this norm, your site must get schema reviewed.

schema ninja review

Usually, it takes months for Google to review and rate a top level website, but SchemaNinja can generate this data for your website and for the products recommended by you. As a result, the search engine recognizes your content more easily and will provide you with better Click Through Rates (CTRs).


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