MobileX Video Review And Bonus

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You may have seen it already… I mean text messages coming into your phone. Be it from an organization, a shopping mall or a business, or even the mobile network you’re using and frankly, those text messages are annoying. I know because I RECEIVE the same messages too!

But Guess What? What you may not know is that someone somewhere, is smiling each time that text message reaches your phone. They know something you don’t know .. people run a business selling bulk SMSs and those guys sending you those messages are cleaning out!

I mean the guys who sell bulk SMS (and those who send it to you) are making a lot of money … every month! This could be you. You could be the one running this kind of business, you could be the one making a whole lot of money you could be the one smiling when people receive text messages and that’s why, we’ve worked so hard to help you achieve that … Introducing … MobileX!!

The world’s first ever bulk SMS autoresponder and premium shortcode platform, which supports major autoresponder platforms. With MobileX software , you can make a lot of money offering Mobile marketing services to businesses and corporate individuals who need it! Just Imagine this :

Let’s say a bank, corporate organization, near you (could be the one you attend or have a friend work in), has 10,000 customers and you happen to have a BULK SMS business. You have them use your BULK SMS portal and they send an SMS 5 times a week.

MobileX Review - Copy

That means in a year (52 weeks) you would have sold 1.5 Million SMS units to them! If you make a profit of just 5 cents per SMS unit sold, it means you will earn approximately $30,000 Or More per year from this one organization!! And you can do this EVERY YEAR!!!



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