Viral Source Video Review And Bonus

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To be successful at affiliate marketing, you need 2 things in your favor. Ya gotta have : traffic and a list. You need traffic, because if no one sees your offers, you ain’t getting sales … and you need a list, because you need to follow up with the people who do buy from you to maximize your profits.

There’s a brand new tool out that drives viral traffic through the power of social sharing and lets you build your list all at the same time. Even better, it lets you send your new list FB push notifications … which are far more likely to be seen and opened than links inside emails.

Now you’ve got tons of traffic without paying for it, or waiting for your site to rank and the ability to reach your buyers with offers even when they’ve closed their inbox. Viral Source is a software that allows the user to create shortcodes which they can paste on their web site, which displays a content locker that requires visitors to complete an action, or multiple actions, to unlock what’s under the content locker.



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