PS Masterclass 2016 Review – Bonus

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There are 100’s of great graphics tools out there but, there is only one that’s still the undisputed #1 – it is of course Photoshop. WHY? Why do chef’s use the best knives & saucepans? It’s because those tools pay for themselves over & over again and give you the best return on investment.

If you have ever paid for just 1 graphic you would know that :

  1. Specifying a graphic takes time
  2. Waiting for outsourcers takes time
  3. Waiting for corrections takes time
  4. It typically costs $100’s per graphic

So not only are you wasting loads of time…but it costs a small fortune too. Other apps are very cool at one or two tasks but, those apps are often limited :

  1. You CAN”T re-touch photos to make them look stunning…
  2. You CAN’T create stunning effects like reflections or use smart Templates in 1 CLICK
  3. You CAN’T edit Photoshop templates – the format that 99% of GFX are supplied in
  4. You CAN’T import vector GFX – the format most logos are supplied in
  5. You CAN’T edit out imperfections like skin issues, red eye .etc


But by far the biggest reason why people shy away from Photoshop is that it’s perceived as “difficult” which is a long standing myth! Like anything it’s only difficult if you don’t know how … Watch this stunning header graphic being made in minutes. This is a complete beginner to master crash course for CS2 – CS6 + CC it’s recorded on a PC & applies equally to the MAC – its’s on special offer right now at 93% OFF full price…

The course in invaluable for any marketer looking to make their own ads as 99% of the best ad templates come in Photoshop format. It’s also a tool of choice for anyone looking to get extra income by making graphics for others as Photoshop is the preferred graphic output for anyone in the graphics business!


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