Facebook Live Authority – Why You Shoud Use FB LIVE?

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What you can use Facebook Live for? Today I want to give you a few ideas regarding what you can use Facebook Live for. In your personal life you can use it for all sorts of stuff : Video chats with friends and family; showing what’s going on at party or dinner for the benefit of people who can’t be there; or just sharing your philosophy with the world.

That’s probably what most people will use the app. for. I’ll hazard that not many business people will use it though – which is good news for you, because that will give you an edge over the competition.

A great use you can put Facebook Live to is building your brand. You can share details about your products or services, give live demonstrations, hold question and answer sessions, and generally build a rapport with your customers – and potential customers.

Facebook Live is perfect for product launches. You can really build a buzz around your product launch this way. Have a “livecast” where you talk about a particular feature or benefit regarding your offering, and demonstrate it live, there and then. This will build credibility in the same way that product demonstrations in department stores do.

Facebook Live Authority

If you run a bricks and mortar business you can give people a behind the scenes view. For example, if you run a restaurant, you can show potential diners how clean the kitchen is, or have your chef prepare an item from your menu right before the viewers’ eyes – and then offer them a discount if they make a reservation in the next (however many) minutes. It could certainly fill tables on a slow evening!

There are a TON of other uses you could put this app to, and I’m sure as the software evolves there will be even more things you can use Facebook Live for as time goes by. Just look at how Facebook itself has evolved.


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