OneSoci 2.0 Review – Demo And Bonus

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If I told you there was a new app that would handle all of your : content generation, research, post scheduling, page management, group management, image creation, ads management and FB analytics in 1 single dashboard, you’d be ineterested, right? Well now there is – OneSoci 2.0 Review

OneSoci 2.0 is the new “all in one” Facebook marketing suite from Martin Crumlish and Lee Pennington. This amazing app lets you carry out every marketing task you can think of, right inside the app. There is no need to have a load of different apps and dashboards all over the place, as you struggle to try to manage your pages, groups and ad campaigns.

OneSoci 2.0 has it all in 1 place. it even has “1 click optins” direct from the FB timeline. This is huge, and great for list building and that’s before we even get to the Facebook Ads API integration. I have never seen an app like this that lets you create, target and publish your ad, all in 1 place. It’s easy to use, and a massive timesaver.



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