Keyword Supremacy Review – Bonus And Demo

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There’s FINALLY a keyword tool that just hit the market that does brilliant local keyword research!  There literally is nothing on the market that does what this tool does. This is absolutely incredible!  Imagine simply typing in a service like: “hvac” or “plumber” or “garage door repair” or ANY service in the entire world.

And then saying, I want to see keywords & data for every city in the USA with a population of over 1,000,000. And the tool spits out the data like this :

  1. phoenix plumber
  2. los angles plumber
  3. new york plumber
  4. dallas plumber
  5. miami plumber

But it doesn’t just end there! It also gives you the Global and Local Monthly search volumes, the CPC, the Adwords Competition for every keyword on the list!  And it keeps going… It even suggest 10 other keywords that start with “city plumber” with all the metrics!  And it’s got even one more trick!

>> Read More About Keyword Supremacy

You can then FILTER out all the keywords by Search Volume or CPC! Imagine the possibilities here!  This just literally changed the entire way keyword research is done for Local SEO’s.  Now you can hit literally every city/town in the USA/Canada/UK (and more countries are being added all the time), and find out with the click of a button which towns and services have profitable keywords you can go after in the local markets!

You can even check if the domains are available in a HUGE variety of TLD’s including .com, .net, .org,, .au etc.


It’s called Keyword Supremacy, and it’s by Todd Spears & Herc Magnus the same guys who brought Project Supremacy SEO plugin to the market which absolutely smashed the SEO industry with the amount of people who are now getting higher rankings, Google star reviews and rich card listings in Google.  These guys make serious tools for SEO’s and they are unreal quality.


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