Trivu Review – Huge Bonus And Demo

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There’s one thing better than free traffic, and that’s passive, organic traffic that keeps coming in steadily with zero effort from you – ever! Radu Hahaianu have a platform that has been able to bring in thousands of dollars in affiliate sales. And it’s all from free viral traffic and organic #1 rankings. How?

Using Quizzes! You see – quizzes are the most popular, easy to share post because once a user completes a quiz, he shares it with all of his friends. This way quizzes quickly get the “snowball effect” that’s necessary for your post to go viral! The process is really simple :

  • Step 1: Login to our cloud platform
  • Step 2: Build full sites that we host, add red-hot quizzes that build your list & monetize them with ads & affiliate products
  • Step 3: Sit back and enjoy viral free FB traffic from our secret automated system!

The viral facebook traffic is all generated for you on autopilot – using their own “secret” proprietary system! Of course you can drive your own traffic if you want – but this setup is enough to get you rolling in money every month!


The cool thing is – you can also collect leads right within the website and you get commissions on each affiliate sale. That’s correct – this setup has an in-build lead gen module that builds your list while you sleep, and another one that makes you sales. As you’d agree – money is in the list – and with this software – money is in Trivu.


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