Video Jeet 2.0 Review – Demo And Bonus

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Curating and syndicating high converting videos for your blogs and social media on full autopilot never got any easier. This video creation and autopublishing desktop software is being very well received by marketers and is helping them drive massive traffic on set and forget mode, day after day….

Video Jeet 2.0 software curates and autoposts high converting video content on FB, Twitter and adds popular hashtags and publishes them on all social media sites. Pretty simple app, but very effective because it takes care of everything from sourcing to publishing to driving organic, targeted traffic and making you lots of money.

>> Read More About Video Jeet 2.0 In Our Review Post

Best thing about video jeet 2.0 is that you don’t need to keep working. Just set it up once and it keeps bringing traffic endlessly. Check the features :

  1. Pull the latest videos for any keyword from YouTube on autopilot.
  2. Post them to Blogger, WordPress, Livejournal or Tumblr.
  3. Post on any schedule, change anything you want including headlines, descriptions and tags.
  4. Post your own call to actions or text below the videos you push out.
  5. Post videos to Facebook pages and Twitter automatically.
  6. Work on multiple niches and blogs. Drive traffic anywhere you want.
  7. Get ranked faster on search engines, because Video Jeet pings the search engines too.
  8. Go 100% auto or 100% manual. It’s extremely customizable and works to your strategy.

Video Jeet 2 it’s the best video curation product out there, and nothing else has the kind of features that it has. See then demo above to know what I am talking about.



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