CovertAzon WP Plugin – What Is It?

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CovertAzon is a wordpress plugin that you can use to increase your earning as an Amazon affiliate. It will automatically display Amazon products related to your post content. And the reason why it is so effective is because visitors that see an offer related to the topic they are reading, are more likely to take action and check the offer out.

I just finished up testing a new Amazon affiliate plugin and most people will not know about it until tomorrow. But because you’re on my list, you can get an early look right here: The plugin name is CovertAzon.

And with this 1-click WP plugin you will have the ability to monetize your website with Amazon products related to your post content.

And why it’s so effective? Because when your website visitors see an offer related to the topic, they will become more likely to take action and check the offer out. Show relevant offers = MORE commissions for you CovertAzon goes live tomorrow, Oct 28th 2016 at 10am EDT.



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