WP Conversion Boost Review – Bonus

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What if there was a tool that would literally boost your conversions, sales & optins from the first moment you started using it? That would be impossible right? What if this tool not only exists but is already being used as the top conversion strategy by brands like Ebay, Dell, HP, Kodak & Disney…

What is it? It’s Personalization… transpires visitors respond much more when they are made to feel more individual… imagine being a customer of Product X… you open an email link & you see a landing on a page that says : “Hey ‘Your Name’… As A Valued Customer of Product X We Have An Exclusive Offer For You” rather than “Hey, We Have A Special Offer for You”!

Top marketing agency EasyPURL claim up to 375% increase in conversions when using personalization for their clients… Google certified conversion Expert Jeremy Smith of jeremysaid.com called this method “Insane”!! Well, now you can use the exact same strategy on any WordPress site at a fraction of the cost…


With WP Conversion Boost Plugin you can:

  1. Massively boost engagement by creating personalized landing pages for traffic arriving from a specific site.
  2. Increase ad revenue by creating keyword relevant landing pages for your Google Adword campaigns.
  3. You can boost sales & engagement from your list by creating personalized pages with your subscriber’s name & the product they bought.
  4. Grow lists faster by creating customized optin pages.

…the possibilities are endless.


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