EZ Spokesperson Creator Review – Bonus Plus Demo

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How would you like to start your own video SPOKESPERSON Agency and have tons of local businesses lining up for your services? Imagine having the capability to create dozens of custom HD commercials across dozens of different business types, and selling them for $100s of dollars each…

It’s all 100% possible with EZ Spokesperson creator… For example, let’s say you live in a town full of car dealerships. EZ Spokesperson Creator is equipped with a professional spokesperson specifically made for promoting a car dealership.  You can essentially create a unique and custom commercials for EACH car dealership in your town using EZ Spokesperson Creator software to :

  1. Insert an image of the car dealership as a background behind the spokesperson.
  2. Edit lower third graphics to show a specific business name and phone number
  3. Add background music to set each commercial apart even more.
  4. And have a finished HD commercial in a matter of seconds

This is what EZ Spokesperson can do, and we’re talking about making virtually unlimited commercials across dozens of different niches.



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