Ultimate Banner Plugin Video Review – Bonus

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Ultimate Banner Plugin lets you create customized banners, sidebars, and opt-ins simply and easily, bringing you increased sales and a growing email list. But did you know about the two awesome bonuses you’ll receive with your Ultimate Banner Plugin purchase?  I can’t believe they’re giving all this away at no extra charge. But let’s not ask questions—grab it while you still can!

Bonus #1: Button Builder Why stop at banners?  Right now, when you purchase, you’ll get an extra bonus plugin that creates buttons for your pages.  It does everything the Ultimate Banner plugin does, and more. Finally take control of your blog’s calls to action.

You can put multiple buttons on a page, edit them, and change them easily in the central admin area.   And make sure your buttons get noticed, with animations that make them stand out and get clicked.

Bonus 2: Dynamic Sidebar Widget The Ultimate Banner plugin gives you the freedom to post banners wherever you want on your blog, including in posts, headers, footers, and sidebar widget-ready areas. But they’ve taken it one step further still, by delivering a world-first innovation… dynamic widgets!  Regular widgets let you display content in your sidebars, and sure, there are plugins that let you turn off some pages and display in others, but that’s about it.

With the dynamic sidebar widget, you can :

  1. Set up 5,10, 20 banners to display in random order, to ensure the site visitor never sees the same ad twice
  2. See which sidebars are getting clicks and which are not
  3. Add as many sidebar banners as you want from the page level, and get them to show targeted ads – all editable
  4. Create a sidebar widget that disappears, then pops back up to demand attention, following the visitor down the page as they scroll



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