RSS Masher Review – Bonus Plus Demo

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I’ve got an awesome tip to increase your income without doing any extra work. Sound crazy right? Well it’s not. This tip comes from Damon Nelson of VidPenguin. Damon is an expert in creating and managing RSS feeds to make money.

He’s even built some passive income streams using RSS Feeds and what he calls the “Money Hook”. And he’s done all this by focusing on one thing.  Content Curation. Damon specializes in curating content that targets his specific audiences. That means instead of having hundreds of RSS feeds, he focuses instead on building “Super Feeds” from industry new, experts and even celebrities. And he does in it way that builds an automated viral content delivery system.

Want to get liked, shared, and followed? Then you need relevant, timely, and sometimes controversial content that your viewers will love to read.  How would you like to tap into the secret of making your content go viral with your audience on “Auto-Pilot”, sound interesting? That’s because it is! RSS feeds are everywhere but only a few people profit from them.

This new and completely unique software is called RSSMasher and it was just launched to the public. Damon has truly cracked the code on how to make money from RSS feeds.  You can get this incredible software and a complete RSS Feed training course right now. And the price for a lifetime license couldn’t get any better than now, just click here to get see for yourself.


Curating content is only one of the many secrets Damon has discovered to increasing income. Damon also shares how to use his RSS secrets to create social authority, increase your client’s media presence and automate social engagement to generate new leads.

If you are interested in increasing your income, adding celebrity value to your client’s social media presence and instantly posting new social content daily, then be sure to check it out!


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