WP Contentio Review – Demo Plus Bonus

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Did you know that you can use YouTube videos to make money in MORE than one way? And not just YOUR video – you can take ANYONE’s video and use it to make money. WP Contentio – a solution that just launched – helps convert YouTube videos into text-based content that you can use for :

  1. Blog posts
  2. Affiliate sites
  3. Other videos
  4. Sales pages
  5. And more…

It works on a simple 3-step process Source -> Spin -> Syndicate! So you can source YouTube videos that have many views and positive comments. Then just grab the text from these videos (automagically) and use in-built content spinner to make content unique. Post it on your site with affiliate links (or other CTAs to build a list).



Till today – there was no fool-proof way to use videos from YouTube and convert them into on site content. Most of the “Workarounds” require extensive HTML knowledge and spending time to find the right videos and convert them into something useful. Contentio overcomes all those hurdles and delivers a POWERFUL method to generate content on-the-fly!


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