Local Lead Drop 2.0 Review : Bonus

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The Local Lead Drop 2.0 system is a omplete system for getting leads delivered to your inbox daily. In addition to showing you how/where to get the leads (Thumbtack and Similar Sites) they also show you the closing system that closes 40% of the leads we send out a quote on.

This is a lead gen system that literally gets red hot leads dropping into your inbox (or smartphone) ready to buy. Not only do you get complete details on where to find these leads but you’ll also learn how to close them consistently at 40%.

You can get leads for web design, SEO, Video, YouTube, Social Media and the list goes on! Any service you might offer as a marketer there are leads for…and they are high ticket! Just one of the leads from this source turned into $10k in business for these guys and overall they’ve made more than $50k from this system!

Robert Dickson cover everything in a complete video training series and also include the key documents needed during the process. He break down everything you need to know in order to make this system work no matter what services you may be offer.

Local Lead Drop 2 Review

In Local Lead Drop 2.0, Robert take this method international with the addition of new sites you can use to implement this system around the globe! Not only that but the core training videos are all new to account for the changes made to Thumbtack as well as addressing areas that needed more detail from the version 1 customer feedback.



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