PriceWatcher Review

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PriceWatcher is a great plugin for Amazon affiliates that will have your visitors engage in your site as you give them the opportunity to track prices.

This is the perfect way to keep people from wondering off to an other site and also of course to get the name and email of your visitors.

If you own an affiliate site and not getting your visitors email address you are missing out on a lot of potential commissions. Because if they leave without clicking your link you have no way to ever contact them again.

PriceWatcher is a WordPress plugin that enables visitors to create price alerts for your affiliate products from Amazon, BestBuy, AliExpress and WallMart.

With PriceWatcher the affiliate store owner is able to engage much better with their visitors as they are happily giving their email address in return for the service of a price alert for their desired product. This means more affiliate income for the store owner as now he/she des not lose the visitor.

PriceWatcher Review


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