Auto Emulate Live Review

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Auto Emulate Live is a new video software that automatically simulates 1000s of viewers and likes on your page which creates massive viral likes, comments and shares!

In April 2015, Facebook Video had 4 billion views per day. By November 2015, that number swelled to 8 billion daily views. Assuming a linear trend in growth, that puts Facebook Video on track to see more than 64 billion views per day by August 2017, and around 32 billion views per day currently.

FB Live Video’s are breaking growth records faster than any other format of video out there. Better still… facebook will reward you for publishing live videos by giving you more free organic reach resulting in more likes, shares and clicks to your website. It’s like taking YouTube and putting it on steroids!

With the help of the auto emulate live software you can now create your simulated live videos within minutes. Just upload your video, configure your settings and out pops your “simulated live“ video!

Auto Emulate Live Review

is available on : Auto Emulate Live Review


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