Pixal Evolution Review : Bonus

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Pixal Evolution is a new app that will change the way you build and distribute graphics, ads, banners, overlays, pop ups and call to actions for ever. Before you think “oh no not another graphics app” read on.

If you do any type of marketing online, whether it’s from product creation to affiliate marketing, then you will know that your main aim is to actually get buyers to your product or affiliate offers. Well a new tool on the market called Pixal Evolution is perfect for that.

So what makes Pixal Evolution so different to other graphic apps? Pixal Evolution is the first app to be totally IAB Compliant, this means all our graphics can be used on the CPA networks!

The software will let you design a graphic that really stands out, think animation, think video embeds (into the graphic), think html embeds (into the graphic), think text effects, think video backgrounds, think live real time skype calls inside adverts, think think huge media database, think of combining Banner Snack, Banner Flow, Ope.nr & Snip.ly with extra features and new technology…you might then just get close to what Pixal Evolution can do.

Now you can easily make interactive ads, banners, creatives or other rich media graphics that instantly capture your
visitors attention and virtually forces them to click. Banner blindness is killing your conversions and click thrus wake up your traffic and start getting the conversions you deserve using Pixal Evolution

Pixal has so many features it is simply mind boggling what it can do for anyone into online marketing. Check out the features below :

  1. Freeform Graphics Creator : You are not restricted by size with our free form graphics creator you can choose any size for your graphics. Unlike other creators we don’t restrict you on size.
  2. Set Graphic Sizes : Over fifty different set sizes all ready to use. These are for banners, mobile banners, social banners, social graphics and more.
  3. Graphics Database : Over 500,000 graphics built into Pixal Evolution that you can use in any of your creations we are adding to this database daily.
  4. Transition Effects : Over 25 transition effects for the graphics, including in and out, bouncing, fade, ease in, scale, elastic and many many more. These can be added to text, images, video or anything you wish.
  5. Button Creator : Pixal Evolution has its own button creator, which lets you use any of our presets and make them into amazing looking buttons, including social and 3D buttons with real clickable actions
  6. Video Embed : You can embed videos directly into your advert or banner canvases and you can make that video clickable. So it becomes part of the advertisement.
  7. Shape Creator : You can use our shape creator and choose from the 12 presets we have, from stars to parallelograms and many more.
  8. Plus much more!!!

Pixal Evolution Review


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