Vidibee Vol 2 Review : Bonus

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Vidibee Vol 2 is an all-in-one video marketing kit that will help you to create your own animated video marketing in just 10 minutes, using only powerpoint.

Video Marketing is something that many businesses still often stay away from, putting them at a great disadvantage when compared to their competitors that do use this effective marketing strategy.

If you looking for simpler way to create attractive video for your business, without need any expensive video software but with more interesting results …. I got good news! Here’s how you can create an engaging video marketing in a few simpel steps using software you already have on your Computer… Powerpoint!

After successful of VidiBee Vol 1, Maghfur Amin is releasing his all-new Vidibee Vol 2. Vidibee V2 is not just a regular video templates like it’s previous version. VidiBee Vol 2 has pro looking animated video with massive set of templates that you can use for any purposes, such as for product promotion, brand awarness, business profile, etc.

Inside the Vidibee Vol 2 you’ll get :

  • 18 Business Promotion-Explainer Videos
  • 20 Business Presentation Templates (Dark+Light styles)
  • 8 Product Promotion Video Templates
  • 6 Animated Logo Opener Templates
  • 10 Animated Instagram Banner Ads
  • 100 Animated Icons & Symbols
  • 60 styles of NEW Animated Characters (6 niches)

Vidibee Vol 2 Review

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