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Flexy AI what is it? With flexy ai you can tap into an already build-up artificial intelligence to keep your business afloat in this A-I ERA. Flexy AI is powered by Google machine learning and while others  struggle you will be create beautiful pages that convert in just 60 seconds using just your voice.

Flexy is the first and only page builder in the world that responds to your voice. It is quick, reliable and gives you beautiful results every time. You don’t even have to be sat at your workstation to build your pages. You can build pages from your bed, the sofa and as long as Flexy AI can hear you, you will have beautiful pages built without you lifting a finger.

Here are some of the key features :

  1. Be guided through the page building process by your own artificially intelligent virtual assistant.
  2. Export your whole site into a single line of code.
  3. Test traffic with a 91% – 95% accuracy rating – without wasting a single visitor.
  4. Clone a site in one click.
  5. Never have to lift a finger – create stunning sites, quicker, easier and using only your voice!
  6. Increase your engagement and conversions by having your very own virtual assistant greet your visitors AND read out your copy!
  7. Easy to use – intuitive to learn
  8. Be Super-Creative – Flexy will make changes in a split second, meaning you can change your mind with just a word – meaning you get perfect results every time.
  9. Take the decision making stress away : Flexy’s Choice – Smart Video Picker.
  10. Boost engagement and make your visitors feel right at home with that personal touch: Smart elements instantly transform your page images, videos and more depending on your visitors locations!
  11. Go Global : Instantly and automatically translate your site into over 100 different languages depending on where your visitor is from

Flexy AI Review


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