WP OptinJam 2.0 Review : Bonus

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WP OptinJam 2.0 is a plugin designed to integrate WEBINARJAM and EVERWEBINAR with WordPress. WebinarJam/Everwebinar users can embed registration forms directly into pages or sidebars. Registration forms can either be a one step or two step process.

Visitors can be registered for multiple webinars simply by completing one registration form. This is perfect for offering a series of training sessions or free webinars as part of a product launch.

WP OptinJam 2.0 also allows you to redirect registrants to a custom confirmation page so they never have to leave your site (perfect for upsells). All registration conversions and upsell click through rates are tracked for each campaign you create in wp OptinJam.

The new WP OptinJam plugin features include :

  1. Easily register people to your webinar from your own custom WordPress site
  2. Custom WordPress Thank-You pages (your prospect never leaves your site!)
  3. Built in countdown timers that display in the registration form AND within any WP page/post!
  4. New mobile responsive popups
  5. Pixel code forms for retargetting
  6. Built in PayPal functionality for paid webinars
  7. Exit popup registration forms
  8. Sidebar widget for inserting embedded registration forms in WP
  9. Everything configured from an easy-to-use control panel. No coding skilled needed!

WP OptinJam 2.0 Review

The blog post is republished from : WP OptinJam 2.0 Review : Bonus


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