Soci Video Xpress Review : Bonus

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SociVideoXpress is 100% cloud-based site builder for marketers all walks of life. Affiliate Marketer, Local Marketer, Video Marketer, Email List Builder, Social Media marketer and so much more, all can Benefit by having this viral video site builder solution.

It’s 100% newbie friendly. It automatically post and generates content by curating Videos: Content from multiple viral websites as well as videos from Youtube Vimeo, daily motion. You can also manually select your preferable videos by using our exclusive filtering technology.

It then automatically generates viral traffic to your site by auto posting to several BIGGEST Social media networks. You can instantly monetize this site by Amazon and Ebay products, or their very own ecom products. And It even build their email list and so much more! Go check out the full walk through video!

Soci Video Xpress Review

The following blog post was initially seen on Soci Video Xpress Review : Bonus


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