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Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator Adds US Location: Austin

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Oracle today announced the opening of an Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator in Austin, Texas—the program’s first location in the US and ninth worldwide. Started in Bangalore, India, in April 2016, the accelerator program later added locations in Delhi and Mumbai; Bristol, England; Paris; Singapore; Tel Aviv; and São Paulo.

The new Austin location gives select startups across Texas access to technical and business mentors; a co-working space in the city’s Capital Factory; opportunities with some of Oracle’s more than 400,000 customers, partners, and investors; and free credits for Oracle Cloud services. The program also aligns participants with an ever-expanding global community of startup peers.

“Austin and the state of Texas are thriving centers of innovation, and we are proud to dive in and support the startup community,” J.D. Weinstein, head of the Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator program in Austin, said in a statement.

At the Heart of Innovation

The new Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator cohort is supported by the company’s growing presence in Austin. Oracle recently opened a state-of-the-art, 560,000-square-foot facility on 40 acres of property on Lady Bird Lake. That campus includes an adjacent 295-unit Azul apartment building for employees and the general public.

“Rooted in its own entrepreneurial beginnings, Oracle has long believed that startups are at the heart of innovation,” Reggie Bradford, senior vice president of Oracle Startup Ecosystem and Accelerator, said in a statement. “The Austin accelerator is key to our mission of creating a global ecosystem of co-development and co-innovation where everyone—the startups, customers, and Oracle—can win.”

Following a rigorous application process, the Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator program has accepted just five or six startups, twice a year, in each city. In addition to giving each startup a six-month residence at a co-location space, giving them access to Oracle's technical, management, and marketing product teams, and assigning them a dedicated program manager and technical mentor, Oracle has offered each startup a set of credits for Oracle Cloud products. In evaluating applicants, judges from Oracle and elsewhere score each company on the strength of its management team, its use of technology, and its market traction.

While the Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator is relatively new, it has the potential to nurture companies that complement Oracle’s own portfolio of platform and enterprise applications, according to a new report by consultancy Ovum.

Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator, which is open to early-stage technology and technology-enabled startups, is accepting applications for its Austin location through August 7. Those selected will begin the six-month program in early September.


Azon Funnels Review : Bonus

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Azon Funnels – what is it? Azon Funnels is a brand new way to sell Amazon products right inside Facebook messenger by creating affiliate stores that are 100% unique to keywords that visitors type in the chat! This is going to blow you away!

Not only that but the upgrades enable you to create stores by voie or by simply typing in just 1 keyword. The store is created and hosted by Azon Funnels cloud platform right in front of your eyes. View the features of the front end below to understand the true power of this platform.

Here are some of the azon funnels software features :

  • Access to the “Messenger Amazon store builder” to create stores using Messenger
  • Access to the “Online Dashboard to create stores
  • Works with all Amazon
  • Update your store template by simply sending a message
  • Product research, automatic website creation, affiliate link customization and Hosting
  • Unlimited traffic to customers amazon stores
  • Unlimited commissions on all sales generated via the platform
  • Compliance setup and ongoing checks (to make sure customers store is always up to date, Store is ALWAYS up to date with the right information, the right images, and the right price at any time)
  • New products added every day during 3 months
  • Dynamic search : allow your visitor to search for products that are not showcased on your store earning more commissions by keeping visitors longer on your stores.
  • Live Dynamic Stores: create stores on the fly for any keyword
  • Get traffic from your visitors (social widgets to share your Amazon links on autopilot)
  • Backups and high end infrastructure (powered by Amazon itself)
  • 3 premium templates included

Azon Funnels Review

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The 1-2 punch to get more new customers and more repeat purchases

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Your customers are your greatest asset

The one thing shared across all great ecommerce companies is a large, loyal customer base. The keys to building that kickass cusotmer base are well known, but easier said than done:

  1. Getting new customers
  2. Turning each new customer into a high LTV fanatic.

Acquiring new customers is top-of-mind and top-of-spend for most ecommerce companies we speak to every day. But, there’s something that we don’t see happening enough, and that’s getting the most out of each customer to accelerate growth. Focusing on building great customers, who will then in-turn help you get more new customers causes a snowball effect and accelerates your growth. That’s the 1-2 punch.

A self-feeding engine of growth

Here we look at using Alliioop and ReferralCandy, to gain more first time customers and then turn them into the repeat purchasers that increase overall LTV and drive explosive growth.

The chart below shows the amazing growth impact of repeat purchases. Getting from 1 purchase to 3.5 purchases per customer per year will drive your growth and margins–almost 20x over five years. It’s the difference between a slow growth grind and an accelerating rocket.

revenue growth of repeat purchasesA graph illustrating the power of repeat purchases for your company growth

The reality is, you cannot do this without customer referrals or a deep understanding of your customers and their behavior allowing you to better serve them. To rely too heavily on paid customer acquisition is not sustainable.

Turn your customers into referrers – and better customers – with ReferralCandy

At ReferralCandy, they think of your existing customer base as your best source of new customer acquisition. If you are an ecommerce merchant, you already know the importance of getting word-of-mouth sales on your online store. If your product is able to solve your customers’ needs and you provide them with a great shopping experience, it’s very likely that they will recommend you to their friends and family.

If you don’t have a referral program, however, there’s very little you can do to encourage your customers to keep referring you to their friends and family. Think of your customers as your best salespeople:

  • They know your future customers personally
  • They are recommending products and services in an altruistic way
  • They are trustworthy to their audience

There are several studies proving that referral programs help business get better customers (they’re more profitable, they’re less likely to leave, and they have higher lifetime value) but you can also use them to build loyalty with your existing clients. Your customers will keep you in mind for future recommendations – but also for future purchases.

ReferralCandy makes it very easy to set up an effective referral program, reducing friction on the customer end and improving the customer experience. Choose your rewards – cash, store credit, discounts or free products, easily share your program through email and on site pop-ups and that’s it! ReferralCandy allows a scalable and highly cost effective channel to drive new customer acquisition. Once they become a customer, Alliioop enables you to drive more effective and timely engagements with your customers and increase repeat purchases.

Building a kickass customer base just got easier

Building a large, loyal customer base takes time and effort–and both art and science. It requires that you understand what makes customers tick–and what doesn’t. It’s not always about sending discounts and special offers, though those do work.

Referrals are one part, but you must also deliver well timed content, advice, product recommendations, as well as those special offers to add value, build appreciation and drive loyalty. That’s exactly why we created Alliioop.

Getting results with Alliioop

Alliioop is will make you more effective in doing the two most important things for growing your loyal customer base.

  1. Sell more to your existing customers by automatically sending emails and Facebook ads at the right moment, triggered on data and behavior–not hope and luck.
  2. Attract more customers that are just like your best customers by building a Facebook Custom Audience with your high-lifetime customers and attract more of the same.

Make your Shopify site soar

Getting started and realizing results is easy with our Shopify and Facebook integrations. Plus our pre-built reports and segments come to life right after you turn it on, with these key capabilities:

Reporting: We’ve pre-built a suite of reports that will show you everything from high-level conversion metrics, to campaign performance, LTV and the details of every customer path. You get insights highlighting what you should do next to increase conversions.

Segmentation: Sending highly targeted messages requires powerful segmentation. You can segment on anything and the segments are dynamic–meaning people are added and removed from segments in real-time–not stale, static lists.

Facebook: Keeping your Facebook Custom Audiences fresh and on target is cumbersome. We automatically add and remove people from your Facebook Custom Audiences based on their behavior. This keeps your audiences fresh and your ads more on target–and effective.

Anonymous user tracking: We can show you what users did before they gave you their email address. So you get the real time-to-purchase picture and can personalize welcome messages with products they previously viewed or abandoned.

Automation: Driving all these engagements requires serious automation. Alliioop monitors all your customer behavior and triggers the engagements automatically. So as you build more granular targeting over time, we manage all the delivery so you can scale.

Use Alliioop and ReferralCandy together

The key to making this work is using the 2 solutions together to maximize your growth. Take your existing customer base and empower them to refer their friends and family (after all – they get a benefit as well when they refer someone who makes a purchase) with ReferralCandy. Use Alliioop to gain insights you’ve never been able to glean before and better understand, segment and engage with your customer base. By only sending timely and relevant messaging you’ll show your customer you understand and respect them more than your competition.

Click here to schedule a personal demo and learn how Alliioop can help you grow your ecommerce company. If you’d like to see ReferralCandy, click here.

Ad Target Drill Review : Bonus

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Ad Target Drill – what is it? Ad Target Drill is a step by step pdf and video training course that takes you by the hand over the proven ad strategy that is brining in massive results.

If you are an affiliate marketing, complete wet-behind-the-ears newbie OR established marketers, you will find this strategy essential to your marketing efforts. Inside Ad Target Drill course you will discover :

  • How to pick the product to promote
  • How to setup landing page
  • How to do the targeting
  • How to do the follow up
  • How to retarget the same audience
  • Everything inside is backed up by a case study

This powerful step-by-step case study will show you a very simple method to turn $10-20 ad cost into 3 digit paydays. You can easily turn these set and forget campaigns into 4 figure paydays. With just 1 hour per day, you can make this work! You can get started with zero budget and you can even offer this as a service and cash this way.

In this training you`ll get everything you need to get buyer traffic for free and after that set up remarketing campaigns with Google Adwords. I personally used instructions about remarketing and have made a couple of hundred bucks in few days and still making. For sure Ad Target Drill is a course you’ll be very glad you took. Highly recommended!

Ad Target Drill Review


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Bribeshare Review : Bonus + Demo

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Bribeshare – what is it? BribeShare is an amazingly fast way to drive traffic to any website, offer or blog. With BribeShare, you can incentivize your visitors to spread your offer or content in exchange for money or downloadable’s.

All you have to do is embed a lightweight piece of code on your website, enable the BribeShare social buttons on your website with a single piece of code and reward your audience to spread your offer or content on social media to bring you tons of traffic, leads and sales.

You might have those little share buttons already on your website. But do your visitors care to share?

But with the help of BribeShare you can expect your visitors to spread your offers, articles, or anything else to their like-minded community on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter in exchange for money or any digital product that you have to offer. You have two options to “bribe” your visitors, either offer them money or any kind of digital product.

Bribeshare Review

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Video Resource Club Review : Bonus

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Video Resource Club – what is it? Video Resource Club is one of the biggest video resource library, loaded with thousands over niche video templates, spokesperson videos, special effect videos, stock videos, story videos, voice over and scripts and so many more!

Video Resource Club is not just a club but it’s a complete massive library taken many months to develop. Every contents is inserted manually with proper keyword so user can search for contents they want easily.

What`s inside video resource club massive library?

Motion Backgrounds Library – Library of thousands over high definition moving backgrounds that are designed and animated with professional animations. These motion backgrounds are loopable making them very versatile and you can use them for many various applications such as but not limited to using them as moving backdrop for green screen spokesperson, as video background for webpage, in videos project and many more.

Green Screen Videos Library – Hundreds over specialized videos with a green screen placeholder so you can replace the placeholder with image or video easily. These videos will come in handy for various applications for instance you can use a TV green screen video and place your own video in the TV placeholder making it look like the TV is playing your very own video and many more.

Special Effect Videos Library – Hundreds over videos with special effects such as particles, flame, smoke and various types of effects that you can use in various projects. All the effects are designed with single background color allowing you to key them out easily and integrate them to any of your project.

Video Resource Club Review

Spokesperson Videos Library – Library of real life spokesperson in list of high demand niches. All the videos are embed with greenscreen background and in high definition quality. With greenscreen you can easily key the background out and use them over any background.

Colorful Motion Loops Library – Library of colorful motion loop or VJ Loop, these are looping video backgrounds that you can use in different applications for instance using behind an object as background to create that motion looping effect and etc.

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MyPostBuilder Review : Bonus

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MyPostBuilder – what is it? MyPostBuilder is the world’s best viral content-to-blog builder. With MyPostBuilder you select the content sources straight from the web, select the viral content you want to use and include them in your posts with copy/paste simplicity.

You choose the paragraphs, videos, images and photos from the best databases available to tailor your post to suit your needs! This has never been seen before and you’re going to love it!

It’s no secret that Google loves content. And as a factor for SEO, nothing beats regularly publishing fresh, hot, relevant content. Not only will the Google-bots love your site, but searchers will also more readily view your blog as an authority hub, a resource for answering their most pressing questions and solving their problems.

MyPostBuilder has everything you need to write viral posts in 10X the time :

  • Everything In ONE Dashboard : Find all your Content Sources in one easy to use dashboard. Push button simple and intuitive to every single user.
  • Easy Keyword Search : Find relevant articles based on your keywords and niche to select content from various sources.
  • Search For Viral Content : We have selected the best viral content sites for your posts. This way you can find posts that are already being shares and ride the same viral wave.
  • On Top Of The News : Use these sites to source your daily news that helps you get fresh content and use what is trending today!
  • Relevant Video Content : YouTube and Vimeo are by far the most used video hosting platforms to date. Finding matching and relevant video footage for your posts will be as easy as 1,2,3
  • Matching Images : Find the images that suit your posts best from royalty free platforms such as FreeImages, Unsplash, Flickr and Pexels.

MyPostBuilder Review

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