Video Submitter Review | Video Submitter Bonus And Demo

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Video Submitter – what is it? Video Submitter is a top notch web app that submits your videos to 30+ high authority video hosting sites at the push of a button. Give any video a huge traffic boost and send powerful link juice to your money sites.

Here’s a few of my favourite features :

100% Automated: Forget about semi-automated tools, manual work, and expensive freelancers. Video Submitter is 100% automated and lightening fast! No captchas, No proxies, No manual work!

Unlimited Campaigns: What if you could submit an UNLIMITED number of Videos and create UNLIMITED Campaigns? Well, Video Submitter is the answer! YES, no limitations.

White Label Submission Reports: Get Instant reports right after the submission and processing of a video campaign. Each & every link is reported so that you know exactly where the video is submitted.

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MyTrafficJacker Review | Huge MyTrafficJacker Bonus + Demo

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How would you like to be able to legally hijack traffic and authority from two of the BIGGEST sites on the internet? Sounds a little CRAZY, right? Well, today a couple of genius marketers have figured out how to do EXACTLY that.

They’ve developed a powerful web-app that allows you to find EXPIRED domains that are STILL posted on Wikipedia AND YouTube that you can snatch up for under 10 bucks … and the best part is once you have these domains, you can literally redirect the traffic ANYWHERE you want or use those domains to send massive authority and link juice to ANY niche site or video that you want to rank.

Can you imagine that? …Having a REAL backlink from Wikipedia! This is soo powerful that these guys ranked a video within DAYS of redirecting  just ONE wikipedia link to their video. And that video has generated over 1k in sales so far!

Here the web-app is called MyTrafficJacker and it allows you to :

  1. leverage the MASSIVE authority of Wikipedia and YouTube for FAST traffic and rankings
  2. find expired domains on YouTube
  3. find expired domains on Wikipedia
  4. buy these domains for under 10 bucks with ONE-CLICK of your mouse
  5. set reminders for domains that are about to expire so you can be first in line to pick them up
  6. and much much more…

This is a FIRST TIME anyone has been able to TRULY leverage the authority of WikiPedia to get massive traffic and authority for ANY website or video.

Won’t this strategy get saturated quickly and all the domains will get snatched up? GREAT question … however, think about that for a second.. Both Wikipedia AND YT have B.ILLIONS of B.ILLIONS of existing pages as it is. Even searching through ALL those pages would take multiple LIFETIMES.

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ITaggz Review | ITaggz Bonus | ITaggz Demo

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MotoSupport Review | MotoSupport Bonus

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Smarketo Review | Smarketo Bonus | Smarketo Demo

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Commission Shortcut Review | Commission Shortcut Bonuses

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Commission Shortcut – what is it? Commission Shortcut is a combination of “Done-For-You” affiliate bonus funnels and a cloud based app. In short, the Commission Shortcut software allows you to create high converting bonus page funnels, which can be used to promote affiliate offers.

The cloud based app allows you to instantly launch top-converting bonus pages for any offer, just by filling in a few details and your affiliate link. This will allow you to make higher profits in less time with value-packed bonus pages that convert visitors into profits.

Every one of these bonus page funnels are hosted on OUR premium servers!The “Done-For-You” side of the software is TEN packages of Bonus Page/Thank You Pages that we have used to promote some of the highest converting offers from JVZoo and WarriorPlus in recent months.

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