VasQ Videopress Video Demo

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You can read more about VasQ Videopress in our official Review And Bonus official blog.

So What Is OptimizePlayer?

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There have been some great video marketing platforms that have graced us marketers throughout the years but I have not seen anything like this! This software is awesome and I am truly blown away. It has changed the way I use video in my business already. No lie, I was able to add a video to my website in under five minutes and I am just finishing up the ones for my membership site now.

This video marketing platform is filled with features that other softwares are charging anywhere between $500 a year or even $100 a month for.It’s called ‘OptimizePlayer’ and it is a revolutionary NEW video marketing platform that is going to change the way you use video in your business!

It’s packed with features such as:

  • Real-time video heatmaps and analytics
  • Tagging – the ability to tag objects in your video. Imagine being an ecommerce store and being able to tag those shoes in the video everyone is wondering where they can buy them from.
  • Surveys directly inside your video
  • Share gate – make viewers share your video before they can watch it
  • Pay gate – valuable video content? make users purchase your video content before they can watch it
  • Built in video encoding – no more handbrake or desktop encoding software
  • Social media integration – integrated your video directly inside Facebook and Twitter
  • Conversion tracking – do you know how much money your videos generate you?
  • Smart video features such as the ability to allow the user to resume the video where they left off at
  • Video marketing CTAS – the ability to add surveys, payment forms, and more directly in your video and not the tacky ones either. These things look beautiful!
  • Amazon s3 integration – save hundreds on your video hosting fees by using Amazon
  • YouTube Integration
  • No WordPress to fiddle with or technical stuff
  • Tag your viewers in your autoresponder based on how much of the video they have viewed so you can follow up with them appropriately
  • display your video in a lightbox
  • and tons more…


This is not only a GAME-CHANGING software that everyone is going to be talking about and using for awhile, it is video marketing evolved!You can read more about OptimizePlayer in our Review And Bonus official Blog!

7 reasons why you need to Start Using Video For Your Marketing

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If you have not moved onto video marketing by now you are losing potential customers and sales to your competitor even as you read this. Here are the 7 reasons why you need to act fast and act now :

1. Video marketing is easy, inexpensive and once you get the hang of it so much faster than cranking out articles. Not to mention more effective than written article.

2. Equipments for creating videos are pretty basic; if you are on shoelace string budget even a simple computer is sufficient to make your video using power point or some screen capture applications. A web cam or digital camera can increase your options even more. But the ideal workhorse for making videos is to use camcorders they provide huge added functionality.


3. There are a large number of video directories that can disseminate your videos to targeted audience.

4. With the Internet, dissemination of information is no more concentrated within the confines of large corporations or organizations. With a little effort you can benefit from this by being able to push out your product or services to a truly global audience using the perfect medium to pass on ideas.

5. Videos if made with creativity can spread like wildfire due to their potential for entertainment, it is popularly term viral.

6. Videos are also search engine friendly and are more likely to be indexed by Google compared to your articles.



7. Internet viewers tend to scan pages of articles for information they are specifically looking for and many tend to skip or miss information that you wrote to for the specific purpose of advertising your product or service. But when it comes to a video, viewers normally let it run and view the entire clip thus you can get them to hear exactly what it is that you wish to advertise and in the order you wish them to see it.

Lastly, remember that videos are critical for driving sales but remember that does not mean you forgo written articles. Written articles still play a very important role so have videos and base your articles on these videos.

Network Marketing and Social Media

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Social Media and Networking sites are undoubtedly the most popular websites nowadays and are growing by leaps and bounds. Along with this growth, comes new and exciting opportunities for network marketing and the promoting of your online business. Social media sites offer tremendous potential for business relationship building.

Most folks are familiar with social networking, some of the top sites are Network Marketing Leads and Social MediaFacebook and Twitter. There are many creative ways to take advantage of social networking as a network marketing strategy. These services give you the potential to connect with millions of people. While at the same time, allowing you to connect on a personal level with your clients and customers in order to help you best design your promotional campaigns.


Regardless of what kind of business you operate and what products or services you sell, you can use social networking sites to promote your business. In fact, one of the most popular uses of social media sites is to develop network marketing leads.

Why Network Marketing with Social Media

While network marketing can often be referred to as an industry in and of itself, the true essence of network marketing is develop close relationships with like minded business folks, customers, and clients.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter create online communities of users that come together in order to discuss, comment on, and share common interests. Sites like Facebook have become a primary way for people to not only connect with their friends, family, and colleagues, but a way for businesses to build relationships with their customers.

Businesses create pages in which users can “Like” their business. Visitors can write on your wall, comment on your pictures, and start discussions regarding your products. You can gain insights into the psyches and personal lives of your customers in ways you never could before.

Twitter is a micro-blogging site that is used by many business and individuals to get their message out to the masses. With Twitter there are a multitude of separate applications that help manage promotions and work as online business directories.

LinkeIn and Google Circles are other examples of social media sites growing in popularity. Additionally there are many niche networking sites as well.

Social networking and social media marketing are two huge arenas to help market your online business. These types of services let you achieve a one-on-one relationship with your customer base in ways that were never possible with selling online before.

So What Is Easy Offline Wizard?

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One thing that really holds a lot of marketers back from getting the kind of results that their efforts deserve is the fact that don’t have the proper marketing materials to show off their product or service.It really is that simple because we all need professional marketing materials of people just won’t know about us or our brand.

Usually there were only 2 ways around this, either slave away in Photoshop for hours trying to design graphics yourself or outsource them to an expensive designer who probably won’t deliver exactly what you want anyway.But that all ends today.Easy Offline Wizard is the only software you will ever need to create all the marketing materials that your business needs with just a few clicks of your mouse.

So if you can “Point & Click” you can easily and quickly create all these marketing graphics for your business in a flash :

  1. Business Cards
  2. Coupons
  3. Flyers
  4. Loyalty Cards
  5. Thank You Cards
  6. Event Tickets
  7. Gift Certificates

Easy Offline Wizard

And not only can you use them yourself but you can sell your design services to Offline Businesses and make a killing in the process :

  • Simply fire up Easy Offline Wizard
  • Create a Mock-Up from one of the Templates
  • Show it to a Local Business and Sign them Up

You see you can do this with Easy Offline Wizard because it is a 100% Online Software so you can show your designs to Local Businesses when you’re on the move.It’s so simple and there’s no selling involved. You simply show them a little mock-up and use it to get your foot in the door and take on a new client.

Easy Offline Wizard is the most powerful graphics software that I’ve seen in a long time and it’s definitely a must have for every marketer. Hopefully you claim your bonus before it’s too late.

Content curation and the best tool for curating your posts : Curation Hero

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What is content curation?Content curation is about discovering appropriate content and sharing it in a significant method. If you do a weekly roundup post, do not simply list post titles and links, instead add the reason why each post is fascinating.

Why marketers ought to care about curating content?Content curation builds up an online marketer’s authority. If your audience trusts you because you consistently share excellent content, when you share your own product, they’re more likely to engage.On the other side, if you share unimportant or regularly bad content from other sources, people will not be as interested when you share your own short articles.

Right here are 6 exceptional ideas to assist you successfully curate content:

1. Leverage your existing content

You may have a mass of great content that you’ve released in a range of places if you’re already included with content marketing. Sift through it to feature particular pieces in your curated list. If the list goes viral and a great deal of your content is featured, your company will bring in that much more interest and be viewed as a real idea leader.

2. Include a range of content types

Include a selection of content types, such as infographics, images, videos, articles, guides, e-books, and podcasts. Many individuals right away consider posts or written content when it pertains to curation, however limiting yourself is an error. There is a great deal of extremely important content out there that can be found in a variety of types. And curating various types makes it more interesting for your readers. Bear in mind that visual content is specifically effective. We know, for instance, that articles with images get 94 % more views.

3. Use content from a variety of sources/platforms

Terrific content can originate from anywhere, including social media sites websites. When finding good content to curate, keep in mind that often those “golden nuggets” can come from locations you generally may not think of, like a Pinterest board, an email, a survey, a Google Plus page, or a webinar.

4. Add your voice

This is a good example to curated content with no commentary. Add value to exactly what you’re sharing by supplementing the curated pieces with your own voice. Go over why the content you’re sharing is appropriate to your audience and key takeaways you’ve gleaned from it.

5. Make use of the right tools to enhance the process

Without the right tools, I’ve seen marketing professionals invest weeks curating content when they might have finished the job in a a lot easier and more effective way. Use BuzzSumo to obtain a sense for the popular content out there in regards to social media sites shares. BuzzSumo is a terrific tool for getting excellent curation ideas and discovering outstanding, high value short articles that your readers would take pleasure in. Use Feedly to organize great websites to pull content from and swiftly sort through these sites in one location.

Curation Hero

6. Track clicks.

Produce customized URLs making use of Google URL builder that link to the content you’re sharing. Use Google Analytics to view how lots of clicks each shared piece of content received.

If you’re already included with content advertising, you might have a mass of terrific content that you’ve published in a range of places. Talk about why the content you’re sharing is pertinent to your audience and key takeaways you’ve obtained from it.

Neil Napier will release on April 09, 2015 a new wordpress plugin that will curates content such as articles, news, gifs, amazon products, videos from youtube and posts them to your blog, fan page, twitter & other social media platforms.You can read more details in our curation hero review article.

What Is Social Cloud Suite?

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Imagine if every single one of your Facebook Timeline Posts was guaranteed to not only engage, but effortlessly gather leads into your lists without losing them or having you spend hours updating …well now it’s possible! A new software called Social Cloud Suite has just been released :

Social Cloud Suite software allows you to post engaging content that’s already going viral on Facebook, with an interactive lead capture right there, as soon as the user clicks, all with a few clicks of your mouse.

I should probably tell you that this software also increases your lead generation by up to 100%. Any content you post through the software works for you, promoting your products and services by capturing leads before you have a chance to lose them to external links!

Social Cloud Suite Software Features :

  • The ability to generate more traffic, leads and sales on autopilot!
  • Find interesting content your fans on Facebook have an interest in and automatically schedule your posts so they post on Facebook
  • Once the content is posted on say, Facebook and a fan of yours clicks the content, this software can even pop up an affiliate offer or opt-in form or anything else you want to promote.
  • No need to find engaging content to post and then spend the next year trying to turn your fans into paying customers!
  • Fully customizable to your business!

This is a full posting suite and everything you are going to need to make a BIG impact immediately for both yourself, and even clients you work with!Read more details by clicking this link!