Empowering Partners to Build Out Specialized Expertise Is Key to Sales Success

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By Carl DCosta, worldwide vice president of Alliances and Channels Sales for Oracle Communications

We recognize that our partners realize greater margins and revenues if they offer more services to their customers than just product resale. Our experience says that approximately 70% of partner revenue comes from services delivered around products, and so it becomes mutually beneficial for Oracle and our partners to focus where the margins are higher.

To cultivate our partners’ ability to increase revenues and keep customers happy, we have developed one of the most comprehensive partner programs in the Communications industry, with a focus on developing partner expertise. We have invested in very clearly defined best-in-class Oracle Partner Network (OPN) enablement programs that elevate partners, making them implementation and managed-service “experts” in Oracle solutions. In fact, they get the same training as those offered to our internal sales, presales, and consulting experts. That means customers can be confident when they buy and deploy with an Oracle specialized partner that they are getting the highest degree of competency and support.

During the past seven years, partner training and expertise have grown significantly, with more than 1,000 certified partner specialists delivering implementations and managed services related to Oracle Applications and Network products. Together with Level-1 and Level-2 specialists, Oracle Communications can boast more than 10,000 partner specialists across approximately 100 companies.

For partners, the benefits are substantial. They not only differentiate themselves from other partners in the market, but the specialization and training help them optimize their business models and improve revenues and margins.

Our partners value Oracle Communications’ enablement training so highly that they make the significant investment to send their professionals to weeklong training. The tangible and intangible benefits build over time through the enablement process.

Oracle Sales teams become more confident recommending specialized partners to our customers to ensure customer and project success.

To learn more about partner enablement, attend Oracle OpenWorld 2019, where Oracle Communications will host partner-specific sessions to help companies expand their contact lists and resources. Also feel free to contact us for more information about the Oracle Partner Network, here.

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Advertsuite Review : Bonus

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Advertsuite – what is it? Advertsuite is the best FB/Insta/Youtube/Google advert software showing you ALL the facebook ads in the world, their tengaged target audience & landing page.

The advertsuite allows you to search all ads in any niche by keyword, advertiser or domain, see demographics and geographics of that ads engaged users and filter the winning ads out (so you don’t need to waste money testing ads that don’t work) plus see the landing page the ad is going to and then replicate.

Also advertsuite also allows you to : 

  • Search all ads iny niche going to a clickfunnels page, lead pages funnel, or any form of funnel allowing you to replicate the winners
  • Search shopify ads, woocommerce ads or magneto ads to the hottest selling ecom products and funnels right now, allowing OTHERS to do the testing so youdon’t have to.
  • Filter adverts out from news feed, side bar, image or video.
  • Search current ads and past campaigns to find winners, replicate and win.

Advertsuite Review

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Making Big Things Happen: Oracle Education Foundation

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During the months of August and September, Oracle Volunteers worldwide Focus on Education by finding or creating volunteer opportunities with their favorite education-focused nonprofit or public school. One educational nonprofit that is near and dear to our hearts is Oracle Education Foundation.

Oracle Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization funded by Oracle and staffed by Oracle employees. Its mission is to help young people develop the technical acumen, creative confidence, empathy, and grit to become outstanding designers of solutions to people’s needs and the world’s problems. In the Foundation’s program, Oracle Volunteers coach students through multiday classes at the intersection of design thinking and STEAM disciplines—science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

We will be sharing a series of guest blog posts from some of these Oracle Volunteers. They will share their experiences, insights, and celebrations related to their time volunteering with Oracle Education Foundation. Our first guest post is written by Sonali Inamdar.

Sonali Inamdar is Group Engineering Manager for Adaptive Intelligent Apps for Human Capital Management. She has been at Oracle since 1998 and has led the development efforts for Oracle Fusion CRM Extensibility Framework, Oracle Fusion HCM Workforce Lifecycle Manager and Oracle Enterprise Manager Patch Automation in prior roles. She is passionate about introducing the wonders of programming and digital circuit design to middle and high school students.

By Sonali Inamdar

In the spring of 2018, I volunteered as a coach in Oracle Education Foundation’s Internet of Things class. I spent two weeks working with students from Design Tech High School at the Oracle Conference Center. All in all, what I encountered was an incredibly impactful program, highly engaged students, and impressive technical and design skills at play.

Each day started by reading student reflections from the previous day, in which students discussed what they learned, what they liked, and what they wanted to change, and a goal they had for that day. Then we would progress to the day’s agenda. The first few days covered an introduction to the stack: Arudino, Raspberry Pi, NodeRed, MQTT, ESP8266, and also tips for how to wire circuits with a breadboard. After that the students got into designing solutions for their specific use cases.

The user-centered design principles of Stanford’s d.school (design thinking) were clearly in action as the students began their projects by interviewing one of their teachers. They were looking for a real-world problem that they could solve in order to enrich the teacher’s quality of life. After the interviews, the students proceeded to define a need the teacher had, to brainstorm possible solutions, and then to actually prototype their favorite idea.

The group I worked with chose to build a task optimization system. The teacher they interviewed lived in remote and rural La Honda, California. Neither FedEx, UPS, nor the Postal Service would deliver there. So, his packages went to the post office, but it would often be closed by the time he got there. The solution the students built to address this problem included a notification system that would alert the teacher upon package arrival and propose an efficient route home to ensure that he could arrive at the post office in time. This project eventually became known as Commute-icator.

The final day of the class included a showcase of these student projects. Family members and friends of the students, as well as Oracle and d.tech staff, came to the Conference Center to see the students’ work. The rooms were abuzz with energy, the students clearly proud of the prototypes they had created over the course of these two weeks.

Throughout the process, the students were highly engaged and it was clear that Oracle Education Foundation is making a difference to our community. The quality of the program offering is excellent, and the Foundation team is always looking for additional volunteers, so I hope that after reading this post you will be encouraged to give it a try!

Check out this link for the Foundation’s post on the class in which I participated.


SEO Doesn’t Have to be a Long-Term Game: There Are Quicker Ways to Get Results

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Everyone thinks SEO is a long-term game… that you have to wait months if not years to see results. And, maybe that was the case a few years ago when content was still king.

With Google making 3200 algorithm changes in just one year, their goal isn’t to make a website wait a year or two before they are able to achieve a top spot.

Instead, they want to show the user the right site as quick as possible. It doesn’t matter if the site has been around for 10 years, or 10 days.

How SEO has changed

It used to be that if you want to rank well, you would have to create tons of long-form content and build links.

Or have a really aged domain with history. But as Google has clearly stated, having an older domain or even a new domain won’t affect your rankings.

And sure, those things still matter today. But there are over 200 factors in Google’s algorithm.

In other words, there are other tactics that produce quick results.

For example, a few weeks I wrote a blog post about FAQ schema and how you can see the difference with your Google listing in 30 minutes.

Literally, 30 minutes.

That kind of stuff wasn’t possible before.

And SEO is no longer just a game of ranking on Google. There are tons of popular search engines like YouTube, in which you can get results in 24 hours.

Their algorithm is a bit different than Google’s in which if a video does really well in the first 24 hours of it being released, it will get shown more and rank higher.

In essence, you can take a top spot on YouTube in just days, no matter how competitive the term maybe.

You are full of it Neil?

Look, I’m not trying to say you can rank for “auto insurance” on Google within 24 hours or achieve unrealistic results, but you can drastically grow your search traffic in a reasonable time if you follow the right tactics.

It doesn’t matter if you have a new website or an old one.

So how do you get results faster? What’s the secret?

Well, I have a Master Class that will teach you how to double your traffic, but you’ll have to wait till Thursday.

I’m going to be introducing something new in which you can get more search traffic in 30 days.

All you have to do is take one simple action each day. And the action is so simple that it shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes.

Stay tuned!

PS: Don’t forget to add the Master Class to your calendar. That way you’ll get notified on Thursday when it comes out.

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Local Lead Magic Review : Bonus

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Local Lead Magic – what is it? Local Lead Magic is a combination of our Magic Page Premium Local Biz Themes and our Special Plugin that combined create amazing SEO perfect websites with geo targeted pages for every single area your business covers, all from one single piece of content, making it easy for you or your clients to dominate your local industry online.

This software is here to solve one of your biggest problems. Now, you can easily Boost sales by generating tons of new enquiries from customers looking for your local service! in as little as With Local Lead Magic and 100s or even 1000s of local high ranking web pages!

The result is that you’d get free organic traffic and of course, get your websites ranked highly in the search engines. Inside Local Lead Magic, you are going to find 48 premium local business wordpress themes to choose from with developer license included, which will enable you Build a beautiful website in just a few clicks.

Local Lead Magic Review

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